I've finally fitted a race exhaust

I'd been told that the standard downpipes on the FZR were quite restrictive and that good power gains could be achived by changing the header pipes. I'd also been told that FZR600 pipes fitted, so last year I bought a set of them and gave it a go. They lined up in the head okay but the 600 motor must be held in the frame at a different angle as the header pipes now hit the front wheel. I gave it up as a bad job and put the 400 exhaust back on.

I'd also been told that Thundercat and possibly even R6 pipes might fit and given that Ricky Bearcroft was porting and skimming my head I figured I'd do some more digging. I didn't want Rickys work being ruined by narrow headers. I also met another guy, John Ardiss, who got some titantium headers cut and welded to fit his FZR, so it made me think anything is possible. I got in touch with Barry at FZR600.co.uk and he told me he had both standard pipes and a race pipe that was allegedly off of Iain Simpsions Carrick Yamaha. So I bought the race pipe. It was a 4-2-1 system with a very short (360mm) end can.

Again, it lined up in the head fine and again it hit the wheel. Luckily for me Rob Jones was at my house at the time and he said his mate Adey Ridewood would be able to cut and weld it and make it fit. So Rob and Adey took the bike away and a few days later it was back and all sorted. Nice job too. I got everything back installed and started the bike and there were a few leaks so I ground the lugs off the end can so that I could use a more standard exhaust jubilee clip. I also used some Holts Firegum elsewhere and for now it all seems sorted.

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