Fitting a Scitsu Temperature Gauge

When James Holland did the original dyno runs he said that the engine liked to be hot to perform best. When I went in this year the temp gauge didn't seem to be working and as I probably needed to know how hot it is now more than ever I decided to get a Scitsu Temp gauge (about 35 mail order from A & R Racing). Fitting was relatively straightforward, just remove the old sensor and replace with the new. I used some PTFE plumbers tape on the thread, just to ensure a water tight seal. Cutting up the old clocks took a while but a bit of black gaffa tape and 2 part epoxy later and it looks like the Scitsu was always there. Give or take some glue over-run.

I had paint left from the number board so I decided to do the mudguard, just to see if I could do a good job if I tried. I sanded the mudguard down for 5 minutes and then gave it a light spray. 20 minutes later another light coat went on and then a few more over the next couple of days. And you know what? It actually looks alright!

Scitsu temp gauge the original electrics originals up close new Scitsu outer fitted standard FZR clocks the instructions say tie a loop at each end the instructions say tie a loop at each end
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