Winter 2003 - Getting ready for 2004

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Having raced the 2003 season on a slightly better than standard bike I decided that it was time to put some more effort in. Heres the details:

Serviced the brake discs

Serviced the brakes - disks and calipers.

Painted wheels

I know, not really a performance enhancement but I couldn't help myself.

Porting and skimming

I had the cylinder head ported and skimmed.

FZR600 Race Exhaust

Allegedly this is the race pipe off of Iain SImpsons Carrick Yamaha FZR600. Allegedly.

FZR400 forks

Last year I had the rear shock re-sprung and serviced, so this year I thought I'd do the forks.

Back to the dyno...

Back to James Hollands dyno to see if we can get the pipe to work with the head.

Painting number boards and stuff

I needed to paint a number board on the front and add the numbers & stickers. Theres also stuff in here about my quick action throttle and my new leathers, boots and gloves. Oh, and pictures of the finished bike (give or take some more stickers).

Scitsu temp gauge

I fitted a Scitsu temp gauge and painted the mudguard blue. Well, I had paint left din' I?

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