3TJ Model - Differences between the 'RR' and the 'RR SP'

I thought I knew what all of the differences between the two '3TJ' models were, but I was wrong (I only found out about the different radiators when I tried to fit my SP rad to a non SP engine). I have put pictures below to show the differences that I know of, but if you know of any others can you please mail me at: rich_halford@hotmail.com. The RR SP pictures are on the left and in most cases you can click on the picture to see a larger version.

As far as I can tell the differences are:

  • SP has a close ratio gearbox
  • SP has lighter valve buckets*
  • SP has a different final drive ratio*
  • SP has stronger valve springs*

    *Info supplied by Richard Norris via the Yahoo FZR400 board

  • SP has paddock stand bobbin lugs welded to the swinging arm:
    RR SP RR

  • SP has adjustable front suspension (Pre-Load, Compression Damping, Rebound Damping):
    RR SP RR

  • SP has adjustable rear suspension with a remote resevoir:
    RR SP RR

  • SP has coolant running into the oil filter housing and therefore has an extra hose to the radiator:
    RR SP RR

    So a different radiator:
    SP radiator on the left

  • SP has a single seat unit (so no pillion pegs):
    RR SP RR

  • SP has a removable main air jet (left one when looking into carb):
    RR SP RR

  • The clutches are different, the SP has 9 friction plates and 8 steels, RR has 8 friction plates and 7 steels:
    RR SP RR

  • The wheel spacers are different. On the SP the spacers are attached to the wheels to make re-fitting the wheel to the bike easier:

  • The rear caliper carrying plate is different, which also means the spacers are different widths. As the spacers are attached to the SP wheel this means you have to swap caliper carrying plates when swapping rear wheels. The SP carrier fits into the swingarm to help faster wheel changes and the washer that sticks out on the right side is the reason the other spacers are different widths:
    SP is on the left SP is on the left